Calvin Blockchain

Scalability, Interoperability, Sustainability

  • Calvin's mission

    We imagine a blockchain platform that overcomes the current scalability, interoperability and sustainability barriers that limit the current existing blockchain ecosystem.

  • Calvin will allow us to protect our identity and our data by integrating perfectly with the institutions and at the same time guaranteeing privacy, transparency and traceability. We will finally be owners of our data.

    Calvin is built to be highly scalable, sustainable and interoperable at the same time, allowing all other blockchains and technologies to benefit from its scalability and build all possible types of DApps on it.​

    Calvin will make the connections between the various technologies easier, decentralized applications and can be used with all blockchains that have scalability problems, thus bringing benefits to the entire ecosystem.​

Calvin's Revolution

Calvin technology will allow the blockchain ecosystem to be used on a large scale, solving its current limitations in a new way.

  • Infinite scalability​

    Calvin provides unprecedented scalability through the optimization of its algorithm.

  • Interoperable​​

    Calvin allows you to transfer any type of data or asset between the various blockchains, so not just tokens.

  • Multi-purpose​​

    Calvin can run multiple applications at the same time, even different ones.

  • Hybrid blockchain​​

    Calvin has a sophisticated hybrid structure where one part is kept in "permission" (permanent) and a part is decentralized ("temporary permission"), thus ensuring at the same time the protection, security and possession of one's data without giving up transparency and traceability.​

  • User-friendly​​​

    Calvin allows even the less experienced user to be able to create a private blockchain in a few minutes and be able to manage it through a simple user-friendly interface. Ideal for both small / large companies and start-ups, but also for the private user.

  • Easy to learn​​​

    Calvin eliminates all economic barriers for entry to its ecosystem, being open-source; the minimum usable hardware is that commonly used by most companies or individuals. It is not even necessary to have a minimum amount of tokens.​


  • Greater safety and security​​

    Calvin provides a unique and secure digital identity for its users, while also limiting the number of accounts each user can have.

    It also allows you to join the security of connected blockchains, thus allowing new users to take advantage of this higher level of security right away.​

    In an exchange / transaction only the interested parties know their identities, which will not be registered on the public register unlike what happens during a public transaction.

  • Updates without hard forks​​​

    Calvin can upgrade without a hard fork to integrate new features or fix bugs.

    This ability allows Calvin to easily adapt to changes and to update as better technologies are available.​


Each transfer of data or assets, even if this occurs by means of cash, credit cards or cryptocurrency, involves a consumption of energy that determines the emission of pollutants into the environment. Calvin allows to significantly improve environmental sustainability. thanks to the optimization of its code.​​

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Use cases​

Thanks to the versatility of Calvin the use cases are endless, from simple traceability to the data connection of a Smart-City. ​

  • Traceability / anti-counterfeiting​

    Calvin allows in addition to the traceability of each individual product, protection from counterfeiting attempts, even if the purchase is made online. It also makes cloning of RFID, QR-Code or Barcode useless.​

  • Telemedicine​​

    Calvin ensures the protection of the data provided by the medical devices used by the patient, so that only the attending physician can access that data.​

  • IoT devices​​

    Calvin provides the ability to protect all IoT devices owned by him from potential external attacks. It also gives the user the ability to decide with whom to share his data.​

  • Supply chain​​​

    Leveraging blockchain and IoT technology, Calvin allows you to record key transport data in real time, thus optimizing all supply chain processes.​

  • Social network​​​​

    Calvin, thanks to its high scalability and providing the user with a unique identity, protects against the danger of identity theft on social networks. It can handle millions of concurrent logins.​

  • Automotive solutions​​​​

    Automotive solutions allow the traceability of the entire life cycle of a vehicle, assigning it a digital identity that follows it up to including the registration of all its owners.​​


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